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Writer's renewal

Writer's renewal

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

There’s nothing like a good writer’s conference to breathe fresh life into a deflated manuscript (or writer).

The solitary endeavor of writing is something like walking in the dark without a flashlight. We who try to create scenes and characters, foster discoveries of mind and heart, using nothing but words often just feel our way along, wondering if we’re achieving what we set out to do.

But getting together with like-minded professionals, listening to publishing insiders, and sharing our work and struggles with each other helps us see our way. These elements, standard for most writers’ conferences, increase our writing energy and renew our confidence.

Last weekend, I attended a writer’s conference that accomplished all this and more.

The Perils of Publishing Conference was held May 21-23 at the Calvary Chapel Conference Center in Murrieta, California.

The brainchild of Literary Agent Kelly Mortimer, the Perils of Publishing Conference was intimate (only 20 writers), intense and powerful. And it was fun.

Writers came from Vermont, Kentucky, Texas, Alberta, Canada, and from several regions of California.

The conference center, filled with natural hot springs, a large lake and lots of streams and waterfalls amid beautiful gardens, provided a lovely setting for thinking, relaxing and writing.

But what made this gathering special was the up close and personal interaction with Kelly Mortimer. She ate every meal with us, sitting at our table in the conference center dining room, answering questions, dispensing publishing-insider information and cracking jokes.

The seventeen women and three men who attended the conference were able to pitch their projects to Kelly during private appointments. And we shared our project concepts with each other during the conference. Sometimes at meals, sometimes while relaxing in one of the steamy hot springs.

I came home with the hope that Mortimer will represent my Christian fiction manuscript: The Day After and the Day After That.

I also came home with renewed energy for a nonfiction manuscript I’m trying to finish called Shelter of Love.

All I can say to Kelly and to the other writers who shared their visions and their creative words, is "Thanks. It was a great conference."

For more information on Kelly Mortimer, go to MortimerLiterary.com or perilsofpublishing.com or welcometomyworlds.com.

[The photo is one of many I took, highlighting the beauty of the conference center. Hope you like it.]


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