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Longing for Spring

Longing for Spring

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

Spring is my favorite season.

Lush, green grasses wave like seascapes across the foothills. Cliffs drip with the brilliant oranges, yellows and purples of wildflowers.

Orchards form fluffy rows of white and violet, their fragrant blossoms floating like fairy wings on every breeze.

Long-dry gulches gush anew, providing homes for insects and amphibians and a seasonal banquet for herons and ducks.

Songbirds are building their nests, chirping as they work.

The air is fresh, the sky is filled with sun and everywhere there is the feeling of new life, new beginnings.

We’ve had several springlike days. The hill behind our house has sprouted a rumpled carpet of dwarf lupine and deep-red owl clover.

Yesterday Sweetheart Al and I spent most of the afternoon at a friend’s birthday bash. About 100 people and 20 dogs all wandering around five gorgeous acres bursting with flowers and fresh-leafed trees. The band played loud, enthusiastic rock as folks danced and laughed and talked. Abundant food and drink added to the pleasure of the day. But what everyone commented on was the weather -- 70 lovely degrees after weeks of wintry rains. Our spirits soared.

Today the temperature has plunged, and the national weather service says a new storm is about to hit us. They’re calling it a springtime storm, but it’s forecast to drop several inches of cold rain here in the foothills, and snow just up the mountain a piece. Does that sound like spring? I say we’ve got another winter storm coming in.

I’m not the only one complaining about this year’s endless winter. My friends report that their grandchildren are also complaining. They want to be outside playing soccer or baseball, but the constant stream of storms keeps the play fields too mushy and the weather too cold.

And there’s nothing we can do about it. Mother Nature is far more powerful than my wishes for a long, sweet spring. So as today’s sky grows flat and gray, I’ll post a photo of the beautiful sky we had earlier this week. Enjoy the sunshine and fluffy clouds. They won’t be back for a while.


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