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winter storms slam foothills

winter storms slam foothills

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

April is one of my favorite months. By April, the winter rains have usually stopped here in the foothills, the wildflowers are making their appearance, and the long spring days stretch into almost endless evenings.

There is something so serene about long, lingering evenings. We love watching the changing light – how it warms the hillsides, intensifying the greens, and how a few minutes later, it turns a dusky blue, turning the undulating hills and distant mountains into flattened layers of blue and gray that look like a graceful Japanese painting.

By April, the songbirds are busily building their nests, the loud turkey courtships have ended and the hens are off somewhere sitting on eggs.

As I’ve mentioned before, spring is filled with lots of outdoor work, cutting underbrush, clipping poison oak and burning as much of this undergrowth as we can before the wildfire season starts.

By April, we’re beginning to plan our summer outings. Shall we spend more time at the beach, or do we want to concentrate on the ancient redwoods this year?

But this year, April has been more like February. Heavy black clouds, furious wind, rain, hail and snow are keeping us indoors with a fire in the wood stove. We have a few days of clear skies and then the storms return.

The photo posted here is of one of the recent storms barreling in. I took the picture from our front porch. Take a look at that sky. It’s a winter sky, for sure.

Yesterday (Easter) we were slammed again. Wind between 35 and 50 mph knocked down trees and power lines. Three to six inches of snow fell in the lower elevations, more than a foot fell above 4,000 feet.

There are more than 1,000 storm-related power outages today, just up the mountain in the community of Arnold.

And while I was writing this brief complaint, it hailed here at our house for 20 minutes. You can imagine what that did to the buttercups, the shooting stars, the lupine and other wildflowers.

I must admit this is not my idea of spring.


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