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Springtime calves

Springtime calves

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

It’s the time of year when neighboring farm fields are full of long, lush grass, colorful wildflowers and newborn calves.

I love seeing the little calves running pell-mell through the pasture, their tails straight up with excitement. Their whole baby body shouts "Life is Grand!" as they buck, and kick, and run.

Whenever we see such unleashed enthusiasm, Sweetheart Al says, "They’re too young to have heard the term ‘pot roast.’ "

And we chuckle.

But I’ve been thinking about that. Who among living creatures (including us) thinks the purpose of their life is to become food for someone else?

Certainly cows have their own purpose for living, and I’m pretty certain it’s not to become pot roast or steak or hamburger.

For years I’ve known that eating too much meat (Americans eat way too much meat and way too few vegetables for a healthy diet) can contribute to heart disease, cancer and other medical problems. More recently, I’ve read about America’s assembly-line meat factories polluting water supplies, generating greenhouse gases, using up too much energy and grain and having other deleterious impacts on the world.

But today I’m just thinking about the cows themselves and what their purpose for living might be. Maybe they just want to be good friends to other cows. Maybe they just want to raise healthy little calves that will grow up to be good cows. Maybe they just want to keep the grass clipped and the meadow fertilized, and spend their days enjoying the birds, the butterflies and the rest of the world God created for them.

Sometimes it’s good to step out of our self-centeredness -- everything and everyone is supposed to meet some need of mine -- and take a fresh look at the others with whom we share our world. That’s what I’m trying to do as I consider the enthusiasm of springtime calves and the lives their parents lead.


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