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Posted By Sunny Lockwood

I love the long days of early summer, when sunlight lingers until almost 9 p.m. Love watching the bats perform their aerial artistry as they chase mosquitoes and other evening insects. Love the deep, electric blue that slides in after the gloaming, bringing a darkness that’s both colorful and rich.

Of course we’ve passed the equinox now, so each day is a little shorter than the one before.

Still, summer’s lingering luminosity holds a magical, forever feeling. At least for me.

This evening, I’m sitting in my writer’s cottage watching the shadows grow on the foothills undulating from here to the High Sierra, and thinking about change, about transition.

When I was younger, back in my teens and 20s and 30s, I loved transitions. Loved change. Change always meant new adventures, new challenges, new things to discover.

And for the most part, that attitude has served me well.

But the current change Sweetheart and I are going through – listing our house for sale, cleaning out the clutter so the place looks like a model home, and trying to sell in the worst real estate market in my lifetime – has been difficult (to say the least.)

But here’s a surprise: Since I started writing about how hard it is to part with this home we love, the painful sense of loss…my attitude itself has changed.

I’ve actually enjoyed showing our beautiful house, my charming writer’s cottage and the other buildings to potential buyers.

And now, I’m eager to move out and move on. Al is too.

Isn’t that amazing? Was it the writing that changed my attitude? Or was it meeting all these nice people who wander up our drive and want to see the house? Or is it our trying to live in a house that’s at all times model home clean (read clutterless and sterile)?

Perhaps it’s a combination of things…but we’re ready to sell.

Hopefully someone will come along who loves Victorian farmhouses, who loves wildlife wandering through at dawn and dusk and who loves the rural beauty surrounding our place.

If we don’t find a buyer, we’ll have a whole new emotional transition to deal with.

Stay tuned.



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