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Our delightful neighbors

Our delightful neighbors

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

Two little house finches are kissing right outside my writing window. Well, it looks like kissing to me, anyway. One has its beak just slightly open and the other seems to be feeding it, although they’re both adults. And they fly off singing to each other, then fly back to the beam outside my window, and do the kissing routine again.

If I were an ornithologist, I’d probably know what they were doing. But I like to think they’re kissing and having fun in the late afternoon sunshine.

There are so many interesting critters who share our place. Each with its own personality.

This morning, a beautiful young doe and her handsome buck were right outside my writer’s cottage. When I hurried out, they both stood watching me with curious eyes.

I was able to snap several lovely photos of them. One (of the doe) is posted here.

If I knew how to put more than one photo up with my blog post, I’d put several of these two. They were so polite and so beautiful.

After I stared at them and they stared at me for several minutes, I had to hurry down the steps and head for work. But it was clear they didn’t really want to run away.

They moved slowly toward the rim of the hill. The buck disappeared over the rim, but the doe just stood there watching me. Eyes bright, ears alert and not a frightened or frightening aspect to her. Such beauty and dignity.

When (or if) we sell our place, I’ll miss the lovely animals who are our neighbors here.


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