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Growing more attentive as we try to sell our home

Growing more attentive as we try to sell our home

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

The Twining Snake Lilies are curling and climbing their way up fences, bushes, and each other’s stems. If I stood still long enough in their presence, they’d climb me. And at the end of their long, wandering stem blooms beautiful bright pink flowers.

Spring in Calaveras County is unbelievably beautiful. Everything’s out in profusion.

The buttercups that gilded our drive for a few weeks have been replaced by thick, rumpled carpets of red clover, its pink-lilac flowers so thick that the jackrabbits can barely dent it (although they’re always nibbling away).

Talking about jackrabbits, they’re everywhere this year. One as big as a small dog hangs around my writer’s cottage. (The picture posted here is of that particular jackrabbit). Another stays down near the house. There are always two somewhere along the drive. Big hind feet. Big ears. Big, round beautiful eyes.

When I was driving home from town early this afternoon, I had to come to a stop in the road for a beautiful little red fox. The fox seemed disoriented by my car and started to cross the road in one direction, then changed her mind, turned and went the other way.

Once off the pavement, she disappeared in the tall grass. Foxes have such elegant and fragile faces!

I was awakened early this morning by our resident owls, their deep, soft voices calling to one another. Such a gentle wake up call.

Then this afternoon, while writing my newspaper column, I was interrupted several times by the loud and happy sounds of house finches. They were singing and darting about, flitting among the branches outside my window, then rushing the wind down the hill to twirl and chase each other in circles near our porch.

The whole thing reminded me of children playing tag and giggling and shouting as they run. That’s exactly the joyous spirit that accompanied all the noisy flying about.

Now that we’re selling the house, I’m paying closer attention to everything that makes this such a wondrous home and neighborhood. Trying to permanently engrave on my heart’s memory the sounds and smells and sights of this free and wild place.

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