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Pondering our happy marriage

Pondering our happy marriage

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

This has been a comfortably lazy weekend. We’ve done little more than eat and read and nap.


The afternoon sun was so warm and the breeze so sweet with the fragrance of roses and fresh green growth, that reading on our back patio turned into an afternoon of dreamy drifting.


Later, when the air cooled and we went inside to heat up something for supper, Sweetheart made the comment that we have the perfect marriage.


“The standard by which all good marriages can be measured,” he said and we both laughed.


But it’s true. We’re happy almost all the time.


What makes our marriage so good?


Maybe it’s our age. We’re no longer young and striving like mad to establish ourselves. We’ve both enjoyed interesting and varied careers and are now winding down to a sort of easy-does-it work and life style.


So there’s a mellowness that might not have been there in our younger years. A mellowness that doesn’t have to insist on always being right, always being in charge, always being anything at all.


Sometimes I find myself laughing at things that might have offended me when I was younger. Sweetheart says it’s the same for him.


What makes our marriage good?


Maybe it’s the fact that we often give each other little emotional strokes and big physical hugs. There’s lots of “I’m with you all the way” sort of stuff going on between us. “Yes” is a much more common word in our house than “No.”


Maybe it’s because we have our own interests. He’s into serious photography. And ham radio. Cartoons. And fixing things. I’m into writing. And movies.  And back roads exploring.


I like the beach with its pounding surf and salty spray. He likes the forest with its soft duff floor and scurrying squirrels.


I think we’re both kind of intellectually adventurous. We’re not afraid of exploring ideas, even when they’re difficult or uncomfortable. We find the Bible’s depth and breadth fascinating, and faith’s development challenging.


Who can explain how two quite different lives can blend so seamlessly that the result is a luxurious contentedness?


I can’t.


But I can be grateful for it.


 And I am.


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