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Country morning

Country morning

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

The big sky floating over our undulating foothills changes almost hourly. Clouds clump up, turn gray and pour and it looks and feels like winter. Then bright blue flows through and the clouds turn fluffy and white and it looks like spring.

I hear the noisy Canada Geese as they fly over in early morning and late evening, fully engaged in lively conversation.

And every morning, there are bunnies or jackrabbits along the drive.

Last week, when winter temperatures still chilled the early morning air, I was driving to town. Mine was the only car on the road, its headlights streaming ahead, on the lookout for frightened deer or coyote. The sun had not yet tossed its light over the Sierra and everything outside the headlights’ beam was in deep shadow.

Still, I could make out the shapes of large black cows standing in fenced fields next to the road, their breaths forming clouds of steam. As I looked closer, I realized that scores of little calves were snuggled up close to their mamas, enjoying breakfast.

The sight warmed me.

Whether human or animal, when you’re small and it’s dark and cold, there’s no better way to start the day than a warm breakfast with mom!


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