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Here comes winter

Here comes winter

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

It slammed into us in the dark, blustering through our open windows with cold wind and colder rain, making me get up at 3:12 a.m. to shut all the bedroom windows.

Shut out, it growled around the corners of our house, and splashed hard against the window panes.

Our first winter storm of the season.

I wondered if it frightened the deer and other wildlife who share our land.

It blew out our electricity, and suddenly I couldn’t see the clock or anything else. I’m so used to the little green and white lights on our TV, clocks, electric blanket, computers (like reassuring mini-night lights), that when the power goes out, I’m shocked at how really dark it is. It’s black inside.

And it was equally black outside.

We snuggled closer as the wind whipped and the rain beat like hail.

I woke up in time to make it to work. The rain had stopped. I knew that when Sweetheart rose, he’d go around the house re-setting all the electrical clocks.

The skies cleared for an hour or two this afternoon and the sun shone through crystal clear air that smelled sweet and fresh and beautiful.

But now it’s cold and wet again, the evening sky thick and heavy gray. Sweetheart has a fire going in the wood stove. It smells good and warms the house so pleasantly.

But not all our neighbors have warm, dry homes to hunker down in when winter roars. And I’m wondering about them tonight – the deer, coyotes, foxes and rabbits – hoping they find a place to stay comfortable.


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