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Dealing with August

Dealing with August

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

Here we are in August. The last month of summer. When I was a kid, more than half a century ago, we got three months off from school for summer vacation – June, July and August.

In June, the whole big summer universe stretched out in front of us, vast and promising. We lived on a lake so our days were full of swimming.

By the time we reached the fireworks of July we were well into picnics at Lake Michigan and trips to Niagara Falls or the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We kids also had a chance to earn some good money in the summer by picking produce: asparagus, berries, peaches and grapes. I spent most of my money on books or film.

But August, August was getting way too close to the end. There was a sense of almost panic. Had we done everything we wanted to for the summer? Did we see all the friends? Had we enjoyed enough root beer floats? Had we eaten enough corn-on-the-cob and enough hamburgers?

Even now, after all these years, I still feel the crush of August. Only four more weeks and then we head into autumn, with its obligations. And just the other side of autumn are the annual holidays, filled with demands.

So August is our last chance to do all those summer things we’ve been meaning to -- read those books, take those drives, share meals with those friends.

A couple of weekends ago, Sweetheart Al and I decided to go to the beach, meaning the Pacific. We took a slow, 20-mile drive through the rolling hills of Sonoma County, and on the way I snapped a few pictures.

I like the one I posted here of cows in a pasture. These peaceful animals don’t know it’s August. They don’t realize that they’d better hurry up if they want to do everything they were hoping to do this summer. All they know is the green grass and blue sky and nice cold pond water.

Al and I, however, are going through our end-of-summer list. We’ll finish the 10th volume of the Lady’s No. 1 Detective Agency series. And we’ll work in the church flea market. And we’ll take a trip to one of our "bucket list" destinations. And we’ll re-arrange his studio space, making more room for the couch. And I’ll clean and organize my writing cottage (does this sound familiar? It does to me. My yearly to do list that never gets completely done.)

Here’s hoping your end of summer is equally full of joyous activities.


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