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The Joy of Walking

The Joy of Walking

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

I love to walk. Walking is great exercise. It’s safe, simple and doesn’t require any special abilities.

Walking can lower blood pressure, help manage weight, improve mood, build muscle and endurance, maintain healthy bones and joints and help a person stay strong and fit.

But I don’t walk for the exercise of it.

I walk for the pleasure of it.

When I walk, my head clears of all the clutter and chatter of the day.

When I walk, I get to smell the fresh air and feel the breeze (or the sun) unfiltered by glass or screen.

When I walk, I get to see the grass and flowers and hear the wind brushing through them.

I can hear the chatty gray squirrels and the castaneda clicking of the hummingbirds.

When I walk, I feel like I’m in a safe and beautiful world created just for me.

Walking is relaxing. It’s fun.

I must admit that walking in the country is a lot different from walking in town. In town, you get to walk on sidewalks. Not so out here where we live.

And there is a definite downside to walking around our place -- the burs and stickers and prickly little seeds that cling to pant legs and socks.

I can’t begin to recount the hours I’ve spent pulling off insistent little hitchhikers at the end of my wanderings.

The other day, I wandered down to the gulch that runs along one side of our property. There are huge boulders pushing up out of the earth on this side of the gorge, and I wanted to go see them. But I hadn’t taken more than a few steps in their direction, when I felt a prickly something inside my shoe.

There was nowhere to sit and take the shoe off, so I had to put up with the irritating pain until I got back to the house.

Then I took off my shoe, and found the little scratchy seed packet way down by my toes, stubbornly sticking through my sock. How did it get way down there inside my shoe (tied up tightly with shoelaces)?

Another of the wonders of nature!


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