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Gold Rush Foothills Sunset

Gold Rush Foothills Sunset

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

Have a look at one of our stunningly serene sunsets.

The alpine glow that turns our late evenings rosy is just the beginning of nighttime beauty here.

Once the light fades, we enjoy about 15 minutes of intense, almost electric blue. It resembles a rich, cobalt blue.

And when all the day’s colors are finally gone and the night sky is a great black bowl above us, we enjoy thousands of stars sparkling white and bright over our hills and meadows. Some stars are faintly blue or pink or yellow. Some twinkle. Some glow intensely.

The beauty of our night skies can take your breath away. Every night.

The view never gets old.

So, please enjoy this picture I took a few nights ago. And notice Sweetheart Al in his studio, studying something on the computer.

I had to call him outside so he wouldn’t miss the evening beauty. A gift given free-of-charge. I’m pleased to be able to share it with you.


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