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Spring -- alive with new beginnings

Spring -- alive with new beginnings

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

I was sorting through my photographs this morning and when I saw this one, I laughed. It looks like the turkeys are mooning me.

Actually, they’re vying for the attention of a female who happens to be out of camera view.

This "choose me!" display goes on for weeks each year, starting in early spring. We hear the "Look at me!" "Choose me!" gobbling late into the night. First light renews the gobbling, but now it’s combined with the songs of mourning doves and an array of cheery birdsong.

And yesterday, Sweetheart Al said a mama turkey and about 18 little fluff balls were wandering along the side of our drive. Many of those little fluff balls will become snacks for other critters before the summer’s over. But right now, they are cute as they can be.

There’s a nest in the corner of our front porch, hidden by a leafy wisteria vine. Its three small occupants appear to be all mouth, wide-open and squealing loudly whenever mom or pop arrives with food. Feeding is an all-day project. So we hear the squealing off and on continually, unless we step out onto the porch and ask for a little peace and quiet. Then things settle down for a while.

Our big old house hare is still hanging around. This is the third year we’ve enjoyed his presence. This brown-gray jackrabbit is huge. When he sits up with his ears at attention, he’s about as tall as a small fawn. We know it’s the same house hare we’ve enjoyed in the past because he’s got a bite taken out of one of his ears. He’s particularly fond of the clover growing near our back door.

So here we are, half way through June, which is half way through the year. And we’ve got a whole new crop of critters to enjoy, and a familiar jackrabbit to appreciate.

Life is good!


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