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Beauty's power

Beauty's power

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

Beauty, like love, is transforming. I had a lesson in this truth last weekend.

Sunday afternoon, Sweetheart Al and I drove to the Haggin Museum in Stockton to take in a couple of exhibits – one on Fairy Tale Art and the other, a display of award-winning pastels from across the U.S.

The Fairy Tale Art exhibit was exquisite: 59 original illustrations by eight illustrators incorporating oil, acrylic, colored pencil, watercolor and ink.

The pictures for Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood and other fairy tale characters were totally enchanting.

We liked the Fairy Tale Art exhibit so much that we went through it twice, ooohing and ahhhing over the artwork. Then we sat at a table, and looked through the books that carried the very illustrations we’d just seen mounted on the wall.

The pastels exhibit was equally beautiful – landscapes and still lifes, portraits and cityscapes.

After weeks of miserable weather – cold and rainy and dark – seeing such beauty in color and line was renewing. We left the museum feeling buoyant and happy.

As we drove east, heading for home, it was clear that we were going to drive into a nasty storm. Huge clouds formed a wall of darkness in front of us. Obviously, the wintry weather plaguing our region was bringing yet more rain and snow our way.

But the pleasure of the art exhibits transformed how we saw the threatening sky, its roiling clouds and the windswept fields surrounding us.

We both ooohed and ahhhed over the sky until I couldn’t help but pull my little digital camera out of my purse and begin taking photos. Instead of groaning over yet another winter storm, we both exclaimed at its beauty.

And yesterday, when we downloaded the shots I’d taken, we agreed that the landscapes look almost like paintings.

Such wild and natural beauty, and we recognized it (at least in part) because we’d been immersed in beauty all afternoon.

Take a look at the photo I’ve posted here and see if you don’t think it looks like a painting.



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