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Life is springing out all over

Life is springing out all over

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

Sunshine and warm temperatures have brought out all the local critters -- rabbits, squirrels, skunks, wild turkeys, turkey buzzards, gardener snakes, lizards and frogs, coyotes, bobcats and deer. Herds of deer.

The happy birds were singing and chirping so loudly this morning, they woke me up an hour before the alarm was set to go off.

And while I sat at my desk thinking, as the morning sky grew neon pink at the horizon, a line of Canada Geese breezed past calling loudly to one another as they headed for the pasture where they’ll spend the day.

The overgrown pastures are filled with cows floating on flank high grasses. And the hillsides are atumble with orange poppies, purple lupine and long-stemmed blue Ethereal Spears.

I love spring, bursting with color and enthusiastic new life.

And as I watch the various creatures running, walking, and rambling around our neighborhood, I’ve become convinced that deer are the super models of the animal kingdom.

Not only are their large, long-lashed eyes captivating and their sleek bodies agile and beautiful, but they move with utter grace.

Whether dashing uphill or sailing over fences, they embody the style and grace of ballerinas – all refined elegance.

What’s more, they are silent (which, of course, adds an element of mystery or spirituality). They don’t bark or howl, hiss or growl. They don’t bare their teeth and flex their muscle in some aggressive stance. They seem far too sophisticated for such displays of anger or fear. The most hostile behavior I’ve ever seen was the stamping of a front foot and even that was done hesitantly.

And deer seem to know instinctively the power of the pose. Buck, doe or fawn, when they stand statue still on the ridge or in the trees, their poetic beauty can take your breath away.

They are pure, genuine glamour. No blush or mascara needed.

We have two kinds of deer here – Mule Deer and Black Tailed Deer – and they are all wildly lovely.

At evening, they often gather beside the road. In the morning, they’re along the drive. During the day, they wander through. And we watch the beauty as it passes by. We grab cameras and try to catch a pose or two. Sometimes we’re successful.

The other morning, I caught a deer practicing its top-model poses from the other side of our driveway. I’ve posted the photo here. See for yourself if this isn’t a top model striking a beautiful stance for my lens.


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