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Sleeping as the years go by

Sleeping as the years go by

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

The older I get, the more I value sleep. Even as a kid, I liked bedtime. Liked that period just before sleep’s curtain closes out the day, when you kind of float dreamlike but still awake. As I remember it, I usually spent those end-of-day moments thinking about Robin Hood and his merry men living in a forest. Or Thomas Alva Edison experimenting in his laboratory. I also thought about Trixie Belden or the Laura Ingalls Wilder family.

Now, more than half a century farther along life’s path, I find I enjoy a good night’s sleep as much as a good meal. And an afternoon nap feels most luxurious.


Modern science points out that a good night’s sleep improves one’s health, memory and weight. I find it also improve my mood. Perhaps that’s because of my fascinating dreams.

Falling asleep and staying asleep is not as easy as it was when I was younger.

Still, once wrapped in slumber, I almost always enjoy entertaining dreams with interesting people. For example, just last week I spent an evening with Mark Shields, the political columnist and commentator. He and I were at a conference or a party or something like that and were carrying on a fascinating conversation.

A few months ago in my dreams, I was out with Steve Allen. Yes, the man who pioneered late night TV before Johnny Carson. The intellectual who wrote a couple thousand songs and who could discuss books, politics, art and comedy with equal ease and good humor. And who was married to Jayne Meadows. That Steve Allen. I was out on a date with him, and I’ll confess that he was a very good hugger.

I’ve also enjoyed long walks down country roads with Gloria Steinem, fishing with Frank Sinatra, bicycling with John F. Kennedy … oh don’t get me started on all the wonderful people I’ve enjoyed wonderful times with when I’m asleep.

At breakfast, Sweetheart Al often asks what adventures I’ve had the night before and with whom. He says my dream life is very entertaining.

And he’s right.


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