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Wal-Mart and sex discrimination

Wal-Mart and sex discrimination

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

How will the U.S. Supreme Court rule in the Wal-Mart Sex Discrimination case?

Here it is, Women's History Month and the Supreme Court is listening to arguments asking for the right to file a class action lawsuit against America's largest retailer. (The suit would represent hundreds of thousands of women employees).

The statistics against Wal-Mart are damning: While four out of five hourly supervisors are women, only 45.1 percent of females occupy support manager jobs (the highest level of hourly supervisory positions).

The farther up the employment ladder, the fewer the women: Women comprise 37.6 percent of assistant managers, 21.9 percent of co-managers and only 15.5 percent of store managers.

What’s more, figures from 2001 reveal that on average it took women nearly twice as long as men to be promoted to an assistant manager position.

But Wal-Mart argues that the accusations are too numerous and too diverse to be tried en masse.

Twenty major corporations including GE & Microsoft have lined up in support of Wal-Mart’s position.

What will the Justices decide? Will each female employee who experiences discrimination have to take on the company by herself? Or will the Court allow a class action?


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