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Power's out

Power's out

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

For days now wind has blasted through our area, twisting and tossing the trees and knocking them down.

Brown rivers roar through foothill gulches and gorges. Swollen streams cover roads with shiny black ripples.

Up the hill, more than four feet of snow fell in the last couple of days.

The driving rain and cold is oppressive. Exhausting.

But today was fairly dry and calm. The sun even broke through the thick gray a few times, brightening the landscape. Its light made me happy.

Then about noon, our power went out.

No computer, no TV, no lights. And when our power goes out, the well-pump stops working, so we have to conserve on tap water.

What to do?

We read.

Then we played Scrabble and I learned two new words: ai (a cry, especially of a wild animal) and po (putout, a baseball term). I also got the most points I’ve ever gotten in one play: 57. I cheered and applauded myself. And Sweetheart Al smiled indulgently from across the Scrabble board.

Then we ate berry pie and drank milk.

And read some more.

It was a long afternoon and evening.

Slightly frustrating. But also restful. Kinda gentle.

In fact, I was just getting used to the soft, slowed down feeling when the power came back on at 6:30 p.m.

Like 21st century robots, we both headed to our computer screens. Time to get back to work.


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