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Japan through tears

Japan through tears

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

Japan’s tragedy fills me with horror.

Over and over throughout the day, I think of the people who, just last week, were leading their everyday lives: Studying at school or riding the elevator up to work. Grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning. A cup of noodles at noon.

Making plans.

Dreaming dreams.

Were they going to meet friends at a favorite restaurant that night?

Were they going to have a quiet evening at home with a cup of tea and a good book?

What about the young couples expecting their first child?

Or the elderly couples planning to pick up their grandchildren for an overnight visit?

People filling the car with gas.

Or picking up something at the grocery store.

Or sitting at a red light, listening to a favorite song on the radio.

Just living their lives. When suddenly, the quake hit and its shaking would not stop.

In that moment everything went from every day to …….

I sit here on my hillside watching the clouds gather over the High Sierra, watching the rain fall while little resident birds flit among the oaks, trying to escape the raindrops. Down in the meadow a herd of deer stand like statues anytime a car passes, their ears and eyes large and still. Their beauty, even the thought of it, filling me with peace while people just like me in Japan see nothing but mud and litter where their homes, schools, churches, hospitals, roads and city once stood. And those are the lucky ones, the ones who are still breathing.

I am stunned speechless before these clashing realities.


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