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Sunrise splendor

Sunrise splendor

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

One thing I love about country living is the beauty of the sky, especially at the edges of day.

At evening twilight, when the earth is deep in purple shadows yet the sky still glows above.

In the morning, when a strip of coral pink stretches like a bright ribbon just above the silhouetted eastern hills, and the night-black sky, like an overturned bowl, starts to turn light blue at the rim.

This morning as I drove to work, it was dark enough to require headlights. And there, along the lane that takes me from our place to the highway, little bunny rabbits were out scurrying around. One, who obviously and mistakenly decided my car was its predator, rushed in a squiggly panic along the pavement in front of me. I slowed to a crawl, as it leaped and twisted and turned in its feverish attempt to lose its mechanical pursuer. I finally just stopped the car and sat until the frightened little critter ran up a neighbor’s drive.

Not long after, I had to slow down again, this time for a fawn. There are quite a few fawns in our neighborhood this November.

As I drove onto the highway, the sun was painting a sheet of cloudlets cherry blossom pink. I think these beautiful clouds are called altocumulus stratiformis. When they light up from the rising sun, they are spectacular.

As I drove north, the glowing light flooding from behind, the pink turned brilliant Fuchsia and the cloudlets expanded into large, soft-edged beauties. Within minutes, the sky was so full of luminous, glowing clouds behind crisp white barns that I felt like I was driving through a watercolor painting that was still in its liquid state. Everything shimmered.

It was hard to keep my eyes on the road with so much dazzling beauty all around.

But, within minutes the spell, the splendor, the radiance was gone. Overhead, a clear blue morning sky with a few pearl-white clouds stretching out like gauzy cotton.

Even though I had to go to work inside a building, I loved this morning’s daybreak beauty. It was a perfect way to start my day.


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