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Feeling rich

Feeling rich

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

It’s been said, If you want to feel rich, just count all the things you have that money can’t buy.

So I started a list. These "things" are in no special order. I’m just listing them as they come to mind:

1. Life (this is a biggie. Without this, the rest of my list wouldn’t exist)

2. A faith that keeps me feeling safe and loved.

3. Waking up after a deep and restful night’s sleep.

4. Eye sight

5. Hearing

6. The sense of touch

7. The sense of taste

8. The sense of smell that brings me pleasure from such fragrances as sage and rose and pine forests to chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven or stew simmering on the stove.

9. The ability to walk and run and ride a bike.

10. The ability to move without pain, to climb stairs or paddle a canoe.

11. The joy of swimming.

12. The fun of playing Scrabble with Sweetheart Al.

13. (the additional fun of beating him now and then at Scrabble!)

14. My dad

15. My brother

16. My sister

17. Sweetheart Al who adds so much to my days and nights

18. The good, fun memories of my mother

19. The love I feel from others

20. Laughing over a good joke or a goofy event

21. Singing together with friends around a piano or a campfire

22. Curiosity that leads me along fascinating paths (both literal and figurative)

23. My friends

24. The view from our house of smoothly rounded hills rolling like waves, splashing up against the Sierra Nevada, whose ragged peaks point to the clear blue sky

25. The gray squirrels that jump to and from my office roof onto nearby oaks, making me laugh at their antic acrobatics

26. The deer and fawns who wander through

27.The bunnies and hares who hang around our porch, adding humor to our lives

28. The pleasure I get from writing

29. The pleasure I get from reading

30. The pleasure I get from listening to ragtime music and classical music and lively country fiddle music

31. The pleasure of a really good conversation

32. The pleasure that comes from a walk in the woods, beside the lake, along the river or even along the sidewalks of a busy city

33. Sexual intimacy

34. The fun of watching children or puppies or kittens at play

35. The relaxation of sitting beside a running stream or river

36. Watching the sun set over the Pacific

37. Wildflowers filling springtime meadows and hillsides with color

Is this list getting too long for you?

I could go on and on (in fact, I think I am…)

38. The fun of listening to a baby giggle

39. The fun and anticipation of planning a trip

40. Or planning a surprise for someone I love

41. Telling a great story to Sweetheart Al and watching his reaction

42. Remembering old friends and the fun we’ve shared

43. All the good teachers I had as I went through school

44. The fun of discovering a "sister" or "brother" writer on Scribd.com 

I could continue, but you might prefer to make your own list and experience your own feeling of a life full of riches….


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