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Improve your life: Indulge in simple pleasures.

Improve your life: Indulge in simple pleasures.

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

Is there a better, more rewarding summer fragrance than the smell of new mown grass?

I’ve been thinking about simple pleasures, the kind that don’t require special technology or spending gobs of money, and the first thing I thought of was the smell of new mown grass.

I’ve been concentrating on simple pleasures lately as a way to salve our bruised and blistered spirits. With so many of us Americans out of work, or afraid that next month we’ll be out of work, and so many others of us struggling along on greatly-reduced incomes, feeling that "the good life" is behind us…or gone forever, we tend toward fear and worry.

And fear and worry do nothing to enrich us. In fact, they often bring out the worst in us – anger, hatred, violence or depression, paralysis and hopelessness.

Although it’s true that financial woes add to misery…it is equally true that we are awash in blessings we rarely take the time to savor.

I believe (based on my personal experience) that as we begin to "wake up" to the simple riches surrounding us, and let them fill us with pleasure and gratitude, we naturally feel less oppressed, less deprived, less unloved, less needy, less frightened.

Take the fragrance of freshly mown grass for example. If you pause and breathe it in deeply, you not only enjoy the smell, but you also notice that your whole body responds with a kind of relaxation, a kind of youthful feeling of freedom. Anyway, that’s what happens to me. Suddenly I’m a kid again, enjoying the freedom of outside fun.

Remember when we took the time to watch clouds morph into various animals and monsters. They made us laugh and feel good. It was a whole body and mind feeling.

So I smell the cut grass and then I think about the clouds, and I feel happy. My mind fills up with good memories, old friends, fun times. I might even decide to phone (or write or email) a dear friend because I paid attention to the grass and all it evoked. And then if I talk to that friend, we might have a great conversation and plan a get together for tea or lemonade or ice cream and suddenly I’m more aware of the love and abundance in my life.

I could weave this story line on and on forever. Let’s say my friend and I get together for ice cream, and I learn about a job opportunity I wouldn’t have known about before and I apply and am hired. Or let’s say my friend and I get together for tea and begin talking about the simple pleasure of a cup of tea and how healing and refreshing it is, and decide to open a small tea room together as a part-time business. Or let’s say we get together for tea and I learn that my friend is struggling with cancer and I offer to drive her to and from her chemotherapy sessions. Suddenly my unemployed hours fill up with purpose and the chance to give love to someone I care about.

You get the idea and can weave your own story (which I encourage you to do).

Indulging in simple pleasures enriches my life. I recommend it.


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