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Welcome to Onword, mining life's golden moments from California's Mother Lode.

K is for kindness

In our busy, electronically crowded lives, can we find space for kindness? If we can, we'll not only find happiness, we'll help change the world.

One way to express love

Since our Honeymoon, we've been reading aloud to each other. This simple expression of love has enriched our life in any number of ways. And it's enlarged our library.

No longer miserable washing dishes by hand

What can explain my 180-degree attitude change toward washing dishes by hand?

Where's Winter?

Last year I complained about all the rain pouring in the foothills and all the snow being dumped up the hill. This year the story is exactly the opposite. No winter storms at all. In fact, everyone's asking "Where's winter?"

Czech Mate: my tribute to Vaclav Havel

One of the towering moral leaders of the 20th century died Sunday. Playwright, author and president Vaclav Havel proved that virtue and integrity can exist in a world leader. Here is my humble tribute to this great, inspiring man.

Unforgetable Christmas Tree

Sweetheart and I just saw the biggest Christmas tree ever -- a giant Sierra white fir from nearby Stanislaus National Forest.

Cultivating Gratitude

Grateful people are happy people. But how does one cultivate gratitude?

Growling Stomachs

As we head toward the most decadent feast day of the year, it's sobering to think of the numbers of families whose stomachs will be growling rather than groaning on Thanksgiving.

Outlaw Anniversary

Some bad guys are just too good to be true. This Gold Rush bandit flaunted literary flare and this week marks the anniversary of his last holdup.

Refreshing the spirit

Sometimes in our busy-ness, our worries and concerns, we forget that our body needs tending. We forget that our connection with the world -- the big, wide, wonderful world -- is a physical connection.  Most of the time when we tend to the body, our spirit is refreshed.

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