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Welcome to Onword, mining life's golden moments from California's Mother Lode.

Kaleidoscope of holiday images

Three days since we sat in San Francisco's opulent War Memorial Opera House watching "The Nutcracker" ballet and I'm still in a kind

of enchanted dream.


More on the United Airlines Nightmare

Read some of the responses to my blog about  how United Airlines treated my

brother last week.


Nightmare at the Minneapolis Airport

A true, yet unbelievable story, of one very nice guy trying to fly home to California

with his guitar.


Christmas card time again

What is it that I like so much about Christmas cards?

In Boston Celebrating my father's 91st birthday.

I'm in Boston this week, celebrating my father's 91st birthday.

I'll be having fun with family rather than writing for my blog.

I'll be back next weekend!

Anger and Exhaustion

A national survey on anger finds that people under 30 experience anger

more often than do older adults.


Thoughts on Love and Fidelity

From Tiger Woods to John Edwards -- the common experience of cheating and regret -- sometimes blinds us to the equally common experience of love and faithfulness.

Crash: The Operative Word

First came the Wall Street crash, then the forecloser nightmare as the too-much-debt-too-little-income

reality crashed the home-owning dreams of millions.


In Honor of World AIDS Day

Paula Leen is a 74-year-old grandma from Portland, Oregon, and a retired church secretary.

She's spending her life helping AIDS orphans survive and thrive in the African nation of Zimbabwe

Recalling our 2007 Thanksgiving

Sometimes the most well-corrdinated effort can go up in smoke.

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