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Welcome to Onword, mining life's golden moments from California's Mother Lode.

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!

Here in rural California, we're surrounded by hungry critters, and often their relentless appetites disturb our lives.

Delighted by eight short lines of poetry

Poetry can give us a fresh, new look at things.... just like spring. For years, I carried the partial memory of a poem that had delighted me. Through the Internet, I found the poem and found that it is as joyful as I'd remembered. Let me share it with you.

April weather and poetry

April is national poetry month. To prove that poets can be both relevant and artistically excellent, I'm sharing part of a Robert Frost poem that describes the fickle winter weather chilling what should be warm, Spring days.

winter storms slam foothills

Although California certainly needs all the rainfall it can gt, I'm more than weary of this endless winter weather.

Saying "good bye" to journalist, aide to President Johnson, feminist, surrogate mother, rabid Democrat, humorist Liz Carpenter

A descendant of five generations of Texans, Liz Carpenter brought energy, humor and intelligence to every endeavor, from covering the White House of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, to raising teenagers when she, herself, was in her 70s. 

Springtime calves

The eager enthusiasm of spring calves makes me laugh with joy. And today, it has me thinking slightly deeper thoughts.

In honor of Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month and there's a lot of women's history to celebrate and admire. I've listed a few firsts for women and a few facts to ponder. I also included some good websites to learn more about women's many contributions to our culture, our nation and our world.

New Leather Gloves

When winter rains stop, spring cleanup begins. All the brush and undergrowth has to be cleared away to protect against summer wildfires.

Night Visitor

Following a fierce, night-long winter storm, I found a perfect paw print on my office door.

Warning: Don't drive with snow on your roof

Driving with snow on your roof can get you a fat traffic ticket. Be wise, brush it off before you drive.

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