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Welcome to Onword, mining life's golden moments from California's Mother Lode.

Keeping time in love and life

Sweetheart Al and I have different approaches to time and its keeping. 

Nighttime serenade

In the summer, with all the windows wide open, the nighttime sounds create a comforting symphony that enriches my sleep.

Loving California

The first time I visited California, I knew I'd found Paradise.

I hate being called a "consumer"

When did the word "consumer" come to mean anyone who spends money on anything?

Sweetheart Al buys a bicycle

Not only have I changed with the years, so have bicycles. I just bought my first new bike in more than half a century and, wow, what a difference from the bicycles of my childhood.

We live in a zoo

Some days you almost need to say "excuse me" to all the wild creatures crowding close.

Improve your life: Indulge in simple pleasures.

Simple pleasures surround us. By paying attention to them, we can find happiness even in a bum economy.

Sweltering in the foothills

Summer temperatures in the Gold Rush foothills of California do more than merely scorch the landscape.

When music turns torturous

Have you ever had a song in your head that will not stop? I did a little research to see if there's any proven method of stopping the broken-record in the brain syndrome (my name. Other's call the problem: earworms).

E-mail, it's magic!

More than surfing, more than research, more than social networking. What I love most about the Internet is e-mail! How about you?

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