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Welcome to Onword, mining life's golden moments from California's Mother Lode.

Country road reverie

There's something wonderful about driving country roads. Could it be the lack of traffic signals?

Lookin' for love

In the fall around here, Tarantulas emerge from their burrows to search for a mate.

Reflecting on September 7

September 7th is the birthday of my lifelong friend, Julie Stommen. If you've had and lost a lifelong friend, you'll know the emotional whirlpool filling me today and every September 7th.

Sweetheart Al plays the squeeze box

One evening last spring I was surprised to hear calliope music coming from Sweetheart Al's studio. When I investigated, I discovered a whole new aspect to the man I love.

Feeling rich

Feeling rich might be easier than you think. 

Happy birthday to the 19th amendment!

It took more than 50 years of hard work to secure women's right to vote in this country. 

Bosses who are bullies

If you've ever had a workplace bully for a boss, you know the nightmare that does not end. The abusive supervisor gets into your head, destroying your confidence, sometimes your health. In the case of Kevin Morrissey, managing editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review, the abuse led to suicide.

Summer weight gain

Does anybody besides me gain weight in the summer?

Getting rid of the wasps

 Every year the wasps try to take over our house and garage by building nests in our attic, near our windows, under our eves, even above our front door.

Afternoon surprise!

It was a warm, serene summer afternoon -- cloudless blue sky overhead, not even the hint of a breeze. But the shocking sound of unwelcome visitors changed everything.

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