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Welcome to Onword, mining life's golden moments from California's Mother Lode.

Eating pie stirs memories as well as taste buds

How is it that a slice of warm pie can transport me effortlessly through time and space? Does it work the same magic on you?

A Palace in San Francisco

The wonder of beauty for beauty's sake.

Remembering Poet Ric Masten

Ric Masten, a speaking poet from Carmel, California, died in 2008. But his poetry lives on. Here is one of his best, "The Deserted Rooster." Enjoy.

Celebrating poetry

In recognition of National Poetry Month, I share a delightful little poem by  Piet Hein.

Peace Now

Despite global violence and chaos, peace visited me this morning. It left a deep sense of well-being.

Sleeping as the years go by

A good night's sleep improves one's health, memory and weight. I find it also improves my mood.

While wildflowers brighten spring days, the economy keeps us in its dark, cold grip

The collapsing economy in our rural county is like a slowly unfolding nightmare. Problem is, we can't wake up from it.

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