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Welcome to Onword, mining life's golden moments from California's Mother Lode.

Loving the Peanuts comic strip

We recently spent a day at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California. It was a day filled with smiles.

Fast food or garden fresh veggies?

 Despite the Great Recession, unemployment pushing 20 percent, food bank requests multiplying by double digits, McDonald's just opened its first restaurant in Calaveras County.

There's a housefly in my car

If you've ever tried to get a housefly out of your car and failed, you know the frustration I'm dealing with.

Sunrise splendor

Some sunrises are dazzling, saturating the world in a rosey glow that just promises today is the best day of your life..

Ranting against election propaganda

I realize that election advertising keeps a lot of people employed -- advertising agencies, artists, photographers, video production groups, writers, designers, etc. -- and in this Great Recession economy every job is precious. But I cannot stand election advertising.

Thinking about graves and graveyards

For me a graveyard is a history book, recording lives and deeds as well as deaths.

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