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Welcome to Onword, mining life's golden moments from California's Mother Lode.

Movie making for the love of it

Making movies is exacting and expensive. Hollywood film companies spend millions to produce a feature film. But here in Calaveras County, local folks have produced a full-length Western with virtually no money. For three years, they've volunteered their time, talent, energy and horses to make "Livin' by the Gun."

Trying to stay sane during election campaigns

If you're frustrated and angry with national or state elections, take a look at local candidates and issues. You might find cause for laughter. In any event, this election will soon be history.

My palate protests at a bowl full of eyes

We all have our favorite foods -- soul food, fast food, junk food, comfort food, fresh from the garden food, gourmet fare. And from infancy on we taste-test new dishes to see if we like them. It's just part of being a curious human. But sometimes the experiments are pretty unpleasant.

California's coast captures my heart

There's only one thing better than the wild surf on the rugged California coast and that's being the only people on the beach enjoying it. That's what Sweetheart Al and I experienced Monday when we visited Goat Rock State Park in Sonoma County.

Enjoy the moment

When life is flying by so quickly that all you have is moments, learn to savor the moments.

Cowboy hat allure

I've been a cowboy hat aficionado since toddler-hood. Whether felt, straw or leather, I find cowboy hats and the men who wear them romantic.

Celebrating a big birthday on a small island

Sweetheart Al had a big birthday last weekend, one that ends in a zero. We celebrated at an island lighthouse.

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