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Welcome to Onword, mining life's golden moments from California's Mother Lode.

Love & Marriage

June is the most popular month for weddings and so it is also the month in which the most anniversaries are celebrated. This June I've been thinking a lot about love and marriage.

Wildfire season

The threat of wildfire fills our summer months. Volunteers staff the rural fire districts in this foothill region and as heroic as they are, it's really up to each one of us to make our homes and properties as fire-resistant as possible.

Thinking of Dad

My dad, Fred McLeod, did not wear a suit and tie to work. He never dispensed advice, discussed issues or laid down the law. But he made my childhood  happy.

Goin' fishin'

Although fishing was a favorite activity when I was little, I lost my enthusiasm for it once I began paying close attention to the worms I used as bait.

Our place is their place too

 After just a few days away, we returned home to find almost the entire animal kingdom had moved in to make our place their place too.

Dining with the disabled

Goat Rock State Beach reminded us of the Pacific's wild power and introduced us to a dignified, disabled seagull.

10 worst paying college degrees

A recent article listed the 10 college majors yielding the lowest paychecks. Six of the majors listed were among my favorites. That started me thinking about the true worth of a college education...and it's not a paycheck.

Air mattress nightmare

Air mattresses have come a long way from the narrow floatation devices of the past.  Today's airbeds can look and feel like real beds. That is, if they don't leak. Unfortunately, the airbed we tried to sleep on had a leak.

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