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Welcome to Onword, mining life's golden moments from California's Mother Lode.

My love affair with American Indians

Native Americans captured my imagination before I even knew how to read.

Be happy or even happier

Five things you can do to increase your happiness


Small herds of deer wander through our property almost every day. Last summer

one of them decided to spend her afternoons in closer proximity.

A few thoughts on kindness

Angels Camp, California, has been proclaimed an official kindness zone.

San Francisco Writers Conference

This weekend gathering warmed many writers' hearts.

Post-storm life


We had a couple of big winter storms blow through last week.

But today our neighborhood looks brand new. It almost sparkles.

Grand Slam


On the same day first lady Michelle Obama kicked off her campaign against childhood obesity,

Denny's restaurant chain gave awy Grand Slam breakfasts to one and wll. How ironic is that?

Resident Mountain Lions

I've only seen a mountain lion on our place once. But it was an amazing sight.

Judges for a day


The annual Academic Decathlon gives students a chance to compete intellectually and socially,

and volunteer judges like Sweetheart Al and me a chance to see how really inspiring todays

highschoolers are.

The Sound of Rain


I can hear the rain turning my footpath soft and muddy. There will be ponds in the

lower fields by morning.

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