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Welcome to Onword, mining life's golden moments from California's Mother Lode.

Chili cookoff


A day full of tasting backdoor chili, after burner chili, foothill chili, mama's chili, hot brick chili,

Latte chili, Cactus Joe's chili and a dozen more.

Storm leftovers


When winter storms blow through, they leave broken limbs,

downed trees and rushing rivers. They also leave pools and ponds

and fresh meadow-streams.

Venturing out after the storm

Animals -- wild and domestic -- are stretching their legs now that the storm has passed.

Storm Watch: Look out for wandering bovines

Look out for wandering bovines.

What to do when the electricity goes out

A violent winter storm forces us to provide our own heat.

More on the United Airlines saga


Remember my brother's unwpleasant and expensive interaction with United Airlines

in December? Well, there's a new chapter to the story.

Winter weather

From snow and cold to fog and chill, winter weather gives us much to think about.

A few thoughts from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Although Dr. King no longer walks among us, his words and ideas continue to inspire...

Taking a few days off

Sweetheart Al and I are going to be gone for a few days.

The Final Good bye

Recalling geologist Willard "Bill" Fuller and poet Jim Kavanaugh.

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