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raj kumar         10/2/2010 10:47:09 AM
law you look gggoood Submitted By: raj kumar

Renee Yancy         9/25/2010 1:05:29 PM
Your writing! Just got signed up and I'm enjoying reading your entries. I left you a comment on the summer weight gain piece. Sunny, are you a luddite in the strictest sense of the world? Submitted By: Renee Yancy

Kent Krive Jr         9/24/2010 3:04:04 AM
Nice Stuff Hey, Just wanted to say I enjoyed your writing. Submitted By: Kent Krive Jr

Cindy         9/23/2010 6:50:55 PM
Country Roads Hi Sunny, Oh dear...when I posted my comment on your blog, it kept telling me it wasn't working, so I kept trying. Now, I see my comment is on there several times! I hope you can delete the duplicates. Sorry! But I enjoyed it and it brought back memories of when I lived in No. California! Best, Cindy Submitted By: Cindy

Pandora          9/15/2010 11:37:57 PM
Thank You Wanted to of course read more of your work and thank you for your much appreciated comments! Best Wishes, Dora Submitted By: Pandora

Poet on a Hill         9/15/2010 3:55:48 PM
Hi Love the blog. Makes me jealous. And especially like the 'who am I bit.' Charlie Submitted By: Poet on a Hill

Vishal Harne         9/14/2010 5:58:59 AM
life i want to know secrets of life.how we live life? what we should do to make life successful. have a nice day. take care. Submitted By: Vishal Harne

Maurice Bennett         8/29/2010 2:29:10 PM
Building with Straw Sonny - A couple of things 1. We do NOT use any sort of vapor barrier on bale walls-- one of the beautys of the bales is the fact that because of the millions of air spaces in the bales water vapor tends to move in and out of the bales - we call it "breathing" - so moisture does not accumulate in the bales and cause pockets of rot or mold/mildew. The important thing is to ensure that the walls are protected from direct contact with rain etc - a sprinkle does not matter but you do not want to put a hose on the walls - neither do you want to hose a wood wall. One way to accomplish this is with wide overhangs - the overhangs on our house are 3 feet - so rain does not consistently hit the walls - we did (in 1998) wrap the first course of bales with TYVEK to ensure that ground splash did not hit the lower part of the wall - but since then we have found that with the overhangs that is not a problem - 2. We have 14 moisture meters embedded around our house, embedded in the walls at

Lori R. Lopez         8/29/2010 2:06:14 AM
Visitation Writes Just wanted to let you know, Sunny, that Lori was here. I accepted your invitation from Scribd. I like your website. Very personal and author-itative. So you're from Michigan? I'm from Wisconsin. Now it appears that we two authors are both in California. Ah, and I'm a Boomer too -- a Fifty-Niner. Well, it was very nice meeting you! I need to go and respond to your message on Scribd. I'll try to stop back here soon and do more browsing amidst your words. :) Take care! Lori Submitted By: Lori R. Lopez

Michele Jackson         8/27/2010 1:42:00 PM
90th anniversary of the 19th amendment! Hi Sunny. As always, another wonderful and hearfelt reminder of the hard work it took so many to gain a woman's right to vote! Thank you for this birthday message! Submitted By: Michele Jackson

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