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Kate Young         1/31/2012 6:45:40 PM
Refrenced By Susan I am intrested in getting started in blogging and Susan said you were the person to ask. I would love to pick your brain and find out about the world of blogging. My number is 209-277-5320. Thank you so much! Kate Young Submitted By: Kate Young

Pat Rohovit         1/23/2012 9:59:00 PM
Art Article Thank you Sunny! You really have a knack for capturing this artist's character. My daughter and I both thought you did a fun and thoughtful piece. Hope you found out about the crazy animals on our street. Pat R Submitted By: Pat Rohovit

Tami Casias         1/3/2012 10:49:29 PM
Great tree memories I wished I'd seen that tree rolling down the road! I once saw the Olympic flame carried by runners in Los Angelos. There's something magical about the progression. Submitted By: Tami Casias

Tiger Windwalker         12/22/2011 10:38:07 PM
Seasons Greetings Hi Sunny, I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful article of 11/11. My friends think you did an outstanding job "capturing" the old tigerman. Hope you and your husband enjoy yourselves these days. I will read you articles and comment from time to time. Merry Christmas... Tiger and Laura Submitted By: Tiger Windwalker

Valeska Gallagher         11/5/2011 4:58:17 AM
Such a joy to know you, always happy, intelligent and interesting I really learned a lot more about you after reading "Who Am I" and "About the Author". I am even more impressed with you now, than I already have been since shortly after first meeting you! I took an instant liking to you because of your easy manor making you very approachable, topped off with humility and intelligence, respect for others, kindness and winning smile! You won over my respect for you professionally by writing detailed and honest articles as a daily reported here in Calaveras County. Your reporting was always accurate, and if more than one party was involved in your topic you equally represented all sides. This was especially critical and appreciated when it came to meetings and controversial topics. It was a sad day for Angels Camp residents for sure when you were no longer covering City Council meetings. Your honesty really made the Union Democrat popular to us. I am grateful to you for having this web site with articles for free and the opportunity to purchase eve

Kyran Enzi         11/3/2011 12:28:06 PM
The feature in the Calaveras edition on PACE Sunny, I've been trying to find a copy of the feature article you wrote recently about PACE which was published in the Union Democrat's Calaveras edition. Is it posted on line? Do you have a copy you can send me? My phone number is 785-8063 if you would like to call. Thank you. Kyran Submitted By: Kyran Enzi

Barbara Toboni         10/16/2011 1:54:35 PM
nice blog Nice blog, Sunny. I'll be back. Submitted By: Barbara Toboni

Linda Fiedl         9/6/2011 11:40:06 AM
Finally Visiting Your Blog Hi Sunny, It was great to visit with you yesterday Thank you so much for doing an article on me and Manzanita Voices. I'm thrilled to have been given this opportunity to promote writers and their work, with this show and your article will help to get the word out, introducing more listeners to the program, which can be heard at www.kvgcradio.com.. Your blog is an interesting place to visit. I'll stop by regularly from now on. Linda Submitted By: Linda Fiedl

Kevin Arnold         6/29/2011 5:04:35 PM
Congratulations! Toni tod me of your publishing success--fantastic! Submitted By: Kevin Arnold

Stan Thornton         6/23/2011 8:28:02 AM
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