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Brian W. Porter         10/30/2009 12:22:40 PM
Website It's good. I like the pen theme with the nibs, and the categories. The only thing I can suggest is to put in a background. Look around. Where do you have patterns? A picture of your garden extremely out of focus is interesting, as is ground cover or bushes. I'm going to use the dashboard of my bigtruck, just a bit of the vinyl very close up. It's like a solid color with texture. You don't want anything really busy, but, to me, the bright white looks bland, almost amateurish. But then that's just my opinion. It looks good, and it works, which is not that easy to do. See ya on Scribd Submitted By: Brian W. Porter

Cathy Smith         10/29/2009 9:20:12 PM
I love it Congrats, sweetie....I'm so proud of you and can't wait to land in your site. Great job, Your SCRIBD buddy, Cathy Submitted By: Cathy Smith

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