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Steve         12/9/2009 4:45:31 PM
We should be madder than hell Amercan business of the larger type should piss us off. The buy cheap chinese products and sell them at a thousand percent markup going thru unnecessary distributors and keystoning merchants. Many corps (I wish they were corpses) only have infuriating phone access with either no human access or people in other countries working for 10 cents an hour who don't give a rip about problems in america. I think we need to bar any company from the us which doen't buy and sell american Submitted By: Steve

Jim Lanier         12/2/2009 11:27:04 AM
A story I'll write Hi Sunny, it's Jim, from the writers group. You've reminded me of a short story I need to write (it was a chapter in a novel I wrote, unpublished) about some real "followers of Jesus" ("Christian" is so generic) in Colorado, when I was hitchhiking from Michigan to CA in 1978. Great people, trully caring about others, and in touch with what's important. Like you, apparently. jl Submitted By: Jim Lanier

Judy Louden         12/1/2009 2:55:12 PM
Your website Merikay, Love your website "Onward". Will be back to read your short stories and your blog again. Keep up the great work. Loved the dressing spilling on the floor and your reaction....laughter. And, there are so many things to be greatful for....life, freedom, family, the changing seasons...too many to mention. Submitted By: Judy Louden

Cathy Smith         11/27/2009 4:58:08 PM
Thanksgiving blog Loved the Thanksgiving blog, I'm hungr now. The gratitude section was wonderful! Submitted By: Cathy Smith

Jen Donaldson         11/24/2009 6:39:25 PM
you I love this!!!!!I am greatful for people like you who look for good even in the bad.I am greatful for the unconditional love my children have. Last I am greatful for sunshine!!! Submitted By: Jen Donaldson

karin keller         11/23/2009 11:52:36 PM
3 Things I am Thankful for 1. My family, who brings warmth and cheer to my heart. 2. The sunsets and sun rise, what a beautiful yet ever changing painting in the sky. That reminds to be Thankful for having eye sight and simply just being alive. 3. God, last but surely not the least of these three things. Submitted By: karin keller

karen kotoske         11/17/2009 7:51:33 PM
Velvet Revolution Sunny, thank you for this beautiful reminder of a million keys jingling in Wencesles Square, the bells of freedom which rang even before '90 in that square. I was in Prague in late '89 when the East German freedom train heroes were being protected up in the West German Embassy, and the word was on the street. Everyone felt that freedom was soon to break open and it did. Now we hear on National Public Radio (US) that communism is gaining in popularity and on congressional seats in the Czech republic, a response to the economic hard times. Havel is ill, though he made a brief appearance at a recent birthday celebration, but we hear that he is far more lionized in the US than in the Czech republic. We hope fervently the Czech people will stay courageous even in the face of very bad economic days. Submitted By: karen kotoske

sarah lunsford         11/15/2009 12:14:19 PM
Paper Nests As I writer, I too, have many papers nests, that I refer to as "piles", but, I like "nests" better:) There is just no way around the process of nesting to get what you want out of a research story or even one of fiction. I ask myself, how many times do I need to print out a short story to see it in order to make changes, then having read and made those changes, find that I am unable to throw it away because that would come close to throwing away a part of myself? Sunny, I agree with you with my whole heart, writing is a messy business in more ways than one! Submitted By: sarah lunsford

NA         11/13/2009 1:26:48 AM
The messiness of writing... For some, the creative process involves paper messiness. That is how the ideas get all mixed together to form a blend of new ideas. That's how it works for me, Sunny! Keep on moving through it. Darlene Submitted By: D

David Jennings         11/10/2009 6:01:36 PM
Hi Merikay Hi Merikay That was an automatic request sent out by Yahoo from my address book. Visited your site, it looks perfect for a writer. I would like to write my life experiences before I forget them. It has been an amazing journey. My mother is elderly now and has moved in with us. We are having fun with her! My Chinese step daughter, Zhi qing has not arrived yet. We built a beautiful addition for her. It has a study, bathroom, sleeping chamber, bamboo flooring, granite, skylights, everything... It was good to hear from you! Cheers Dave Submitted By: David Jennings

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