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Jurim Sarambung         4/27/2010 7:18:42 AM
Whoooo Knows the Truth Send me o copy of your this doc, Submitted By: Jurim Sarambung

bernard discipulo         4/22/2010 12:59:54 AM
hello there hello there..trial email... Submitted By: bernard discipulo

Celita         4/21/2010 1:34:41 AM
NOW Booklets I would like to purchase more copies of the booklet, "NOW." Amazon.com doesn't sell it. Is it still in print? Submitted By: Celita

Mitch         4/14/2010 10:55:09 AM
facebook Sunny, Just got back from New Orleans and saw your request. I confirmed your request, but I must tell you that I don't Facebook. I'm much better at regular e-mail and aural conversation. I trust that all is well with you. I must agree that this weather sucks big time! It was high 70's in N.O. and wonderful. Now I feel like going back to being a sloth until it warms up. Later,gator. Mitch Submitted By: Mitch

Anne (thetruthwillsetyoufree)         4/6/2010 11:46:44 PM
greetings! Hi! I'm so thankful that you've shared to me your website, I like it so much! Your writings are inspiring and it's so great to have a writer like you, inspiring lives.. Keep up the good work. Have a great day! Regards, Anne Submitted By: Anne (thetruthwillsetyoufree)

jeff         4/4/2010 12:14:16 AM
looking around or is it trolling now-a-days Hello - I seem to have a small "following." Don't know if this is true or not. Just go with flow I do. You're that last person who has subscribed to me on Scribd. I do the same. Your photo which the single page image says, shows with embed sign it's a kindergarten photo. It's neat for an image back in time like that. Shows the innocence somewhat of the illusion lived. At the blog site I have has an image like that. Its an illusion. I chose it for the Divine Feminine I know. That's a painting done though, long ago. On the blog site it's used as a background. No one knows this, but it is called Timeless Green Girl, done by an a woman artist back in the early two thousands or so. She incorporated The Little Marauder which is the painting of that little girl, done around 1900. It fit for me with how and what I was then, still have that awareness, but the "force" of it is not there now. I put that blog up just to put awareness of some things of my life. Reminds me of Tumblr.com

Rohit K Sureka         4/2/2010 3:25:51 AM
Wishes! Who am I ? you have written this poem no nicely. Wishes for your journey( literature journey). Submitted By: Rohit K Sureka

Timothy C. Phillips         4/1/2010 11:57:09 PM
Just visiting and saying hi! Been reading some of your stuff on Scribd and I got curious about the "Luddite" monicker. I must say you are rather technically savvy, perhaps you are a neo-Luddite? Anyway, I love Scribd, think it's a great thing and I hope to grow as a member of that community. Best wishes to you! Timothy C. Phillips www.southerncrime.com Submitted By: Timothy C. Phillips

Patrick Joseph Horn         3/31/2010 7:17:24 AM
Hi. Hi. Submitted By: Patrick Joseph Horn

Patrick Joseph Horn         3/31/2010 7:15:29 AM
Thank's for subscribing Hello Sunny. I am so happy to find another Christian writer. You are one of many Christian writers that are currently a subsciber. I look forward to reading your work. Best regards sister in Christ. Patrick. Submitted By: Patrick Joseph Horn

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