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Roger-Kent: Pool         3/16/2010 10:55:18 AM
Observation Sunny, Howdy from Texas. I look forward to reading your work as I appreciate new perception. Love, Roage Submitted By: Roger-Kent: Pool

Sumedha Manabarana         3/16/2010 1:17:27 AM
Your invitations to visit your Web Hello, Thank you so much for inviting me to visit your web. I've already been registered and I'm glad to tell you about it. Hope to hear from you when you have free time. Also, feel free to see me on Scribd. I like your comments in there! Especially my work 'Tastes of music - 01' Fely Tchaco. The inside links do not work due to a technical problem, but you could find the song links at the bottom of the documents! Peace and love! Sumedha (I'm a teacher - so I wrote a lot! (smiles.) :-) Submitted By: Sumedha Manabarana

Maria Reyneke         3/15/2010 3:27:13 AM
Thank you Thank you for inviting me to your site, I am in the UK but original from South Africa. I am so impressed with what I read and see, may you have a blessed week. Shalom Submitted By: Maria Reyneke

Barbara Richardson         3/14/2010 10:56:36 AM
Sunny—I can't find your Scribd letter to me, but yes, let's cross-link our sites. I have a side column on my "blog" page where I can post yours. I am new at this, so bear with the slow pace at accomplishing it. A one-line description of my blog or my website, which one did you desire? Best, Barb Nice Billy Joel article! http://www.barbarakrichardson.com Submitted By: Barbara Richardson

Ali Van Zee         3/13/2010 7:31:19 PM
This site is charming! Really. There's so much to take in and it's very well put together. Very easy to flow from topic to topic. Also, Sweetheart Al is an inspired photographer...thanks for making it so easy to start getting to know you, two! Ali Submitted By: Ali Van Zee

Ali Van Zee         3/13/2010 7:22:30 PM
Lighthouse two-step I'm with you, sistah...our day on the trek was blue-sky and calm winds, but it's still 308 steps down and back up again. Nearly killed me! The Olema Inn was my 'revival tent' where I sang my halleluja's to their wonderful chef for one of the best meals I'd had. I was definitely born again! Submitted By: Ali Van Zee

Ali Van Zee         3/13/2010 7:13:44 PM
blogging Yes, I did read this piece and left you a comment...am looking forward to your latest so will check again later. Ali Submitted By: Ali Van Zee

Beth         3/11/2010 1:18:56 PM
Breakfast Blues I liked this! Submitted By: Beth

Dan Tabor         3/9/2010 12:26:15 PM
I LOVE the story behind the painted photographs of artists Lissa Jones and Curtis Fukuda Submitted By: Dan Tabor

Dan Tabor         3/9/2010 12:16:50 PM
GREAT Page Miss Sunshine! You have a wonderful page to envy and delight in. A page containing sooo much array of colorful characters, real life news and opinionated grit. ROCK ON, Sunny!!!-My normally bland green tea now swallows rainbows. (No, I am not drunk) LOL Submitted By: Dan Tabor

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