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Seeing Billy Joel on "60 Minutes" made me realize an important truth about myself...


October 2009 marks 20 years since California’s Loma Prieta earthquake killed 63 people, crumpled a section of double-decker freeway and collapsed part of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge...


Painted photographs of el Dia de los Muertos family altars open the door to an ancient world of mystery and beauty...


Seeing 84-year-old George Burns perform live and in person changed my view of life and my attitude toward older people.  Read about it and see if he has the same affect on you...


After nearly 50 years, I re-connected with my favorite elementary school teacher, Mr. Pulsifer, and found I still had a lot to learn from him...


An hour's drive north of San Francisco stretches the 71,068-acre triangle of wild coastline, forests and grasslands known as Point Reyes National Seashore.  On its windy, rugged headlands stands the Point Reyes Lighthouse, beckoning visitors who don't mind a little strenuous exercise...


A former deputy sheriff and former English teacher has created the character of Hardluck Lin. As Hardluck shares her yarns, she inspires renewed interest in the California Gold Rush....

Let me tell you – we three children and Dad, too, got an education when Mother went back to school to become a nurse


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